Herbalife Marketing Top Tips

Top tips to market your Herbalife UK business better

Herbalife Marketing Top Tips

Here’s the Herbal Shakes guide to Herbalife marketing.  Ever wondered why some Herbalife distributors make thousands of pounds each month and why most fail?  I don’t believe this is down to the product.  Herbalife is a world renowned brand offering excellent products.  Most fail because of the distributor’s ability to market Herbalife.  Marketing and promotion is the key to building your Herbalife reputation.  Do you want to be know as the person who sells “those diet shake things” in their spare time or do you want to be a successful Herbalife business owner?  Here are some tips on how to build your Herbalife business better with 6 Herbalife Marketing tips.

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First Herbalife Marketing top tip

Planning your Herbalife business

Fail to plan, plan to fail as the old proverb goes.  Without a decent marketing plan, how on earth are you going to ever be a success?  You need both a Herbalife business and marketing plan plus a daily action schedule.  Your Herbalife business and marketing plan needs to have clear goals.  How do you know what to aim for if you don’t have a clear goal in mind?  The daily action schedule will help keep you on track.  Make a tick list of things to get completed each day.  You’ll have a great sense of achievement each time you tick one off.

2nd top tip for Herbalife Marketing

Ask for their details

If you speak to someone, ask for their details.  It puts you in control of the sale.  You need to make sure you follow up and keep in touch with these people.  Don’t rely on them coming back to you.  Make sure you have business cards to hand out too and grab theirs whilst you’re chatting.  You’ve done all your Herbalife marketing so don’t let leads go to waste.

3rd top tip for Herbalife Marketing

Be found

Where is pretty much the first place people look for anything these day?  The Internet!  If you don’t have an online presence, how are people ever going to find you?  It’s a lot easier to speak to someone already interested in Herbalife than it is a complete stranger with no interest in the product.

Make sure when someone Googles “herbalife your town name”, you’re in the list of results.  There are over 100,000 Google searches for Herbalife per month in the UK.  People are out there and interested in Herbalife, but without being online, they’ll never find you.  Herbalife marketing is now more than ever based online.  Try Googling “herbalife jackie smith”.

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4th Herbalife marketing top tip

Be the product

Wear the button, drink the shakes, wear a t-shirt – get yourself out there.  If you’re not using the Herbalife products yourself, why is anyone going to buy from you?  Show people how much weight you’ve lost, how you trained for that event or how much better your skin is now.

Get a t-shirt printed with your website, email address and phone number on it.  Wear it to the gym, when you’re shopping or pretty much anywhere you go.  People have heard of Herbalife and will stop to chat with you.  At the very least, they’ll now know your website.

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5th top tip for Herbalife marketing

Only target people who might actually be interested

One rookie mistake is to try and target everyone.  Is everyone really interested in Herbalife?  NO!  You’ll get much better results concentrating on a group of people more likely to want your help.  There are two different groups of people to target, customers and potential new distributors.  For new customers, think where health conscious people in your neighbourhood go – gyms, health food stores, even the school gates.  You not only need to find people who need to lose weight, but more importantly want to lose weight.  You can’t convince someone who doesn’t want to lose 2 stone that they have to do it now.

For new distributors, do you know people currently looking for a job?  Give them the confidence that they can do this for themselves.

6th top tip for herbalife marketing

Go Herbalife pro!

Would you rather buy from someone who looks like they know what they’re doing and come across as being professional or from an amauter?  If you’re expecting people to change their lifestyles, you need to look like a pro.  72% of people don’t trust a business without a website.  It’s natural now to go online and do things at your own pace.  Find out more about getting your own website, email address and promotional tools with Herbal Shakes.

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